Welcome to the NCWC Blog about the CSW 2011!

Welcome to the NCWC Blog about the CSW 2011!! The National Council of Women of Canada will be attending the meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women in February/March 2011. Watch this site for news about this meeting, what is being discussed, and what are some of the outcomes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Day for Me at CSW!

Monday, February 28th, was my last day at the CSW - but I will keep the blog going with news as I hear it happening. 

This week there promises to be lots of discssion around the docmument that is being negotiated on Agreed Conclusions on the Priority Theme. There will be other resoltutions as well, and the NGOs will be busy. I know it is important to see reference to "decent work". 

In the morning, before my flight home (which was only 1 hour late getting into Winnipeg), was spent with the delegation under Janis Alton's leadership - the Canadian Voices of Women for Peace. Ambassador Gilles Rivard met with approximately 16 of us, and the discussion focused on 2 main areas - elimination of nuclear weapons, and the need for action on Security Resolution 1325, in particular the training of troops, diplomatic corps, negotiators and staff, to peace building skills, including non-violent conflict prevention options.

Janis Alton, President, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, with Ambasador Gilles Rivard

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